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Intensive Driving Courses

driveWe are frequently asked to conduct Intensive driving courses, which is a popular way of learning to drive in a short time instead of spreading it over several months.

We would recommend 2 to 3 weeks with the driving test at the end. You would need to have a driving test date booked so that we can run the course around the test date, bearing in mind that you can only book a driving test after you have passed the theory and hazard perception test.

Assuming you have passed the theory and hazard perception test, an assessment lesson is the next step so we can ascertain how many hours you need, to have you driving safely and competently at test standard.

If you have not passed the theory and hazard perception, you can still begin having lessons, which will help while studying for it.

rip_l_plateAs a guide only, you would probably need from 30 hours for complete beginners to driving safely at test standard, and 25 hours for pupils who have had some private practice.  Some pupils will take longer, it really depends on the individual’s adaptability and our instructors are able to assess this.

Intensive courses do not guarantee a pass at the end, as it is how the pupil performs on the day.

Intensive courses cost from: